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Here is what one parent says about Spring Break Storywalking:

"The kids were so invested each day we walked with you. Each day when I went in their rooms to wake them up, I left it up to them. I said, 'Do you want to go again?  If so, get up and get moving.' And, believe me, each day they popped outta bed and were ready in record time. It was so nice to have something to do with them that was interesting, fun, and exercise all in one."

- Leah Lowell, Scout Leader, Coventry, RI, children aged 10 and 12
The WALK FOR HEALTH page shares articles about the health benefits of walking, the importance of proper breathing and good posture. Benefits include improved cognitive development and higher academic performance.

The START A WALKING CLUB page offers resources and forms for starting an Afterschool Netwalking Club.

The FIND A STORY page offers short listening and reading assignments that are curious and fun... and likely to inspire interesting conversations and imaginative activity.

The LOOK AT THE CALENDAR page lists special netwalking and storywalker events.

The FIND WHERE TO WALK page suggests fun locations around Rhode Island for clubs to go adventuring.

The NETWORKING TIPS page provides guidance for students who are starting to become more serious about career exploration.

Visit the website to see the results of some afterschool investigative work.
Join the conversation on facebook, where Club Leaders and Educators can share tips and best practices for engaging students in active community learning.
Order Wendy's first children's story book THE ANGEL HEART. Supplement this nature-inspired picture book with an experiential curriculum designed to guide children and adults in exploring both the secular/scientific and the spiritual/mystical nature of Life here on Earth.



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