Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - When I first stepped into the cafeteria at Fallon Elementary, I set down my bag next to a curiously shaped dent in the floor.
  It looked like a bee... 
  just like the bee that once stung my broken toe.

So. I began my first Storywalker class at Fallon by telling my "Just Bee" story, the true experience about how a clever spider distracted me, while a sneaky bumble bee injected my broken toe with a dose of apitherapy (That's a big word meaning bee medicine.).

To listen to "Just Bee," just click on the arrow on the next mp3.

Now that you have heard the story, please tell me... Who do YOU think is fiddling around with me?

AND, have YOU ever been bitten by a bee?

One Fallon student told me about the time a bumble bee bit her once on each cheek.  Not a sting, mind you, but a bite.  I told her it must have been because she was so cute the bee could not resist pinching her cheeks.
If you would like to practice reading along with the "Just Bee" audio, click here to access a print version of the story, which highlights the letter"B".  Open a second browser window to listen to the mp3 while you follow along with the words on the print version.

To continue Bee's lesson, click here.

JUST BEE is from the Storywalker's magical collection of tales found on the Fiddlesticks CD.

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