DEAR PARENTS,                                                    

We welcome your children to the world of afterschool Netwalking, where they walk and engage with one another in outdoor investigative learning. Walking field trips will take us to parks and other sites of interest in the neighborhood.  We will go outdoors as weather permits and encourage parents and grandparents to extend this learning experience with your family outdoors on weekends and holidays. 

THE NETWALKING WEBSITE has a page that recommends paths, parks, and beaches all across Rhode Island.  If you do not have a computer, please ask and I can provide you with a list.

THE NETWALKING FACEBOOK PAGE provides new links to fun online stories and activity ideas in both print and audio form.  If you have a computer at home, we hope you will check out these stories and activities yourself and support your student's access for reading, listening, and research assignments.

CONVERSATION is one of the essential life skills we teach.  The children will learn to conduct interviews and listen attentively to uncover other people’s stories.  You can help develop these “interviewing” skills by asking your child questions during dinner time or bed time on [Wednesday evenings], when the memories from Netwalking Club activities are fresh.  

APPROPRIATE APPAREL is important. When cheap flip-flops break, it can become a crisis. Please make sure your child wears decent quality comfortable walking shoes, is dressed in layers appropriate to the weather/temperature, and has packed a water bottle with their name on it. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe, nurturing, and enriching experience for your children.

Site users have permission to cut and paste any of the text on this page into their own school or club coordinator-to-parent correspondence. Or administrators may want to link to this page from an email that states the dates and meeting times for the club(s).

Please contact us with questions, concerns, and feedback.

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