Now, close your eyes and come with me and my imagination,
as we traverse the salt marsh in this walking meditation and commune with the reeds.


Indian tribes used reeds for many purposes, including the crafting of musical instruments and ceremonial peace pipes. The pipe smoke was believed to carry prayer to the attention of the Creator and other spirits. Across the North American continent, each regional tribe selected local plants for symbolic meaning and aroma and dried the leaves for use in sacred ceremonies. The natives were careful to avoid inhaling the strong herbs into their lungs. I hoped you enjoyed this story and lesson.

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DISCLAIMER: I do not support tobacco use, however, I do
value the process of Peace and the teaching of natural Wisdom
as practiced by early Native American culture.  I offer materials that
inform young people about the health risks and the financial waste
posed by habitual tobacco use, and lead them in investigating
the darker aspects of tobacco industry history.

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