Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - Walking out the driveway yesterday, I heard squirrels busily chewing up in our butternut tree.  They were removing the green nuts from the tree, nibbling on them briefly, and then dropping them down...   
                       "Watch out below!"
Other squirrels would gather them together to be squirreled away underground for storage...
Looking at the pile of butternuts reminded to go check on the butternut squash in our garden, and...

...coincidently that very evening, my husband and I attended a meeting about Food Storage.  One of the subjects we planned to speak on was the storing of winter squash, and I had just posted a squash page on our website - about storage, preserving heiroom seeds, and cooking.
This morning, walking along Middle Road, I came across a big green fruit of a black walnut; it was almost perfectly round and fit beautifully in the palm of my hand.  When I flipped it over, I marveled at the design that had been chewed into it... some squirrel had created a self-portrait.  How brilliant!  I drew a sketch to explain what I saw.  Do YOU see it?  And, I wondered if there was a lightbulb chewed in above its head?
Apparently, the black walnut tree that gave me the inspiration for my owl character has also supplied me with the inspiration for a squirrel character.  Shaped like a whirlwind... 


or hurricane Irene, making her way in and up the Eastern coast straight towards the Narragansett Bay. This is totally nutty!

What else did I find?  Two more green orbs - an apple and a tennis ball.  The word orb popped into my head probably because of the Orbit gum wrapper I'd seen near the corner of Cedar and Middle Roads...
Orb is a nice, neat, small word.  It comes from the Latin root orbis, which means circle.  An orb is actually a sphere or ball.  Webster's Dictionary also assigns orb with the rare meaning of a period or revolution of timeOrb is also a verb which means to move in orbit.
This all makes me think about a curious quote I received today by email: "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." - Leo Tolstoy
Green balls!  PRACTICE?  Y?  hmmm.

Do you know why squirrels are so smart?
  I think it might have something to do with the Omega-3 oils in nuts.  Read more about how eating nuts are good for your brain... Go Nuts!


Watch this slingshot video on youtube (I laughed myself silly).
Read some interesting history... SLINGSHOT history
Make a slingshot.  It's fun to make and fun to shoot at targets, but it can be dangerous, so never shoot it in the direction of people or animals.  Create a range in a field or in the woods, away from people and houses.
   Crab apples, nuts, and tennis balls make great ammo.
Choose your wood carefully.  Oak is powerful.
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