When my adult friends suggested that I write a "workbook" to teach StorywalkerTM techniques, I winced at the thought. Workbooks are boring. Besides, it seems many people have been working so much, they have forgotten how to play.

So instead, I decided to write a "Playbook," in the form of an e-manual, to teach the light-spirited game called StorywalkerTM. We exist within a great web of intrigue, and the Playbook is a guide to navigating this web. The StorywalkerTM Playbook pages are meant to be downloaded, printed, and collected in a 3-ring binder.

What is a storywalker? A storywalker is an imaginative person who lives life playfully and creatively, as if he or she were a character in a spy novel, walking across landscaped pages and through challenging situations. Co-authoring the action of the story, each character writes his or her part of the story - the part over which he or she has control. The other parts of the story are created by seemingly chance encounters with other people, with Nature and with different aspects of Spirit.

A storywalker can also be described as someone who plays at life as if it existed on a game board. Imagine opening the front door, stepping out onto a giant game board that combines concepts learned in games like Life
, Clue®, Risk®, Scrabble® and Labyrinth StorywalkerTM is a multidimensional game - a treasure hunt that follows clues and solves word play challenges.

This is an imaginative learning game that combines

                1) storytelling

                2) walking assignments

                3) clue finding

                4) word play*

                5) AND magic!

Stories - I teach the secrets of StorywalkerTM by sharing stories from my journal to show where walking, looking and listening has led me. At the end of each story is a fun assignment.

Assignments – I suggest specific training missions, to help investigative agents learn and practice the skills needed to recognize clues and decipher them.

Clues – Secret messages appear beneath our feet and all around us  forming a trail of puzzle pieces... candy wrappers, magazine or newspaper pages, paper cups, small toys, pencils, odd-shaped bits of plastic, animal tracks, leaf forms OR a piece of a story or conversation. These clues challenge us with clever forms of word play, helping build literacy and mindfulness.

Word Play – Language is secretly rich with deeper meaning. We discover this by studying word origin (etymology) and often many different definitions for a given word. We uncover the magic of words by solving MENSA puzzles, as well as anagram, homonym and synonym challenges.

Magic – As the game unfolds, curious things begin to happen, and players begin creating and sharing their own unbelievable stories, uncovering more secrets, and guiding one another deeper into the action.

Players begin by following along, enjoying the stories and trying some of the fun assignments.

Let's see how good you are at following instructions. Read completely before clicking on any of the links.

1) Click here to read the first story, learn the first secret of StorywalkingTM, take on the first mission assignment, and access the mission report form.
2)Then click here to learn how to fill out a report and be presented with the ultimate word play challenge (For this challenge, it will help to pull out your SCRABBLE game and play with the tiles OR make your own letter tiles out of paper).
3) Access more secret files by submitting an agent application. Submit by email or postal service: Netwalking, P.O. Box 2221, East Greenwich, RI  02818. (If you want to be a leader and start a club, please visit the START A CLUB page for more information.)
4) Subscribe to THE STORY TIMES if you have not already done so. This weekly e-newsletter will provide you with the latest in helpful clues and information.

5) Listen to the debut of the Storywalker Radio Hour.

6) As you get deeper into the game, uncover interesting clues, gather information and solve puzzles, share your stories with us on The Storywalker facebook page, OR on twitter, OR mail a confidential report to Netwalking, P.O. Box 2221, East Greenwich, RI 02818, and we will consider sharing it in THE STORY TIMES.

The Wild Plant Magic Cards are an option to enhance game play. Now, let's get out there and go have some fun!

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