We're looking for agents to take on Storywalker mission assign- ments. Do you want to learn how to crack nature's secret code?

Plants speak a mystic language that can guide you along your way if you listen. It is a silent language that uses
color, smell, shape and texture like code.

Wild plants call out with their bright floral colors when they want to be noticed. Then the shapes of the flowers, fruits and leaves give clues that send you special messages and provide clues as to each plant's secret purpose.

Do you know which plants are edible and could be depended on for survival out in the wild?

Do you know which plants are poisonous?

Do you know which plant could help heal a cut or wound?

American natives knew how to read nature. They passed their knowledge of plants down through generations, because families relied on plants for their basic living needs - food, storage baskets, shelter, tools, and medicine.

This collection of Wild Plant Magic Cards reveals some of Nature's code and provides training for modern day n
ature detectives. Each Plant Card discusses one wildflower by telling its descriptive name, listing is unique identifying features and offering a detailed color photograph.

Each Plant Card also includes a secret message, fun facts and a special Storywalking mission assignment. Clue Cards and Story Cards offer deeper insight into the practical and magical studies of plants.

Introductory Set of 16 Cards with Magnifier - $20

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