• Programs


    Invite Wendy to come tell her nature-inspired stories and engage children in relating their own stories. Simple lessons inspire conversations about resilience, conflict resolution, courage & caring.

    All ages

    Angel Hearts

    Enjoy an interactive presentation of The Angel Heart and learn the importance of words and self-expression. Wendy engages listeners in activities to explore emotions of sadness, anger, fear, joy, love & peace.


    The Jester

    Listen to the story of the Jester, the story of its creator, and how these stories helped Wendy's son and others face serious challenges. Jester-inspired activities demonstrate the power of joy & laughter.

    All ages

    Nature Detectives

    Take kids on a Storywalking adventure to find clues and solutions to problems in their world. Wendy provides lessons and activities for in-school, afterschool, and summertime enrichment.

    Ages 8-10

    Storywalking Clubs

    Start an afterschool club to help students find interesting stories in their community. Wendy helps with identifying souces, organizing, planning and implementation specific to the age and the environment.

    Ages 6-12


    Create a walking event for career professionals to share their stories with high school and college students and help them practice   the art of informational interviewing. Wendy helps organize.

    13 and up

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    Contact wendy@netwalkri.com to get more information, set a date, and discuss pricing. 

    Program proposals available upon request. Please call the office: 401 884-8505 or cell: 401 529-6830.