My children exploring the tide pools along the rocky shoreline of Beavertail.

Story Walking Environmental Education Podcasts

03-02-20 Earth Care Composting for Climate Restoration 

Guest: Jayne Merner Senecal, Owner of Earth Care Farm 

When we compost our food waste instead of dumping it into a landfill, we help build a system that pulls carbon out of the atmosphere and returns it to the earth where it can nurture life. This episode features a story walk through Earth Care Farm, the first and largest composting operation in Rhode Island. EcoDetectives Dig Up Some Dirt photo blog.

02-03-20  The Amazing World of Solar Energy

Guests: Dana Goodman, Solar Consultant, NEC Solar, and Tom Seiter, Homeowner

Solar energy is limitless, clean and surprisingly affordable. This episode will investigate the many ways in which sunlight sustains and energizes our world, beginning with a walk into a storied land of energy and exploring the many environmental and financial benefits of going solar. 

Rome Point Story Walk photo blog. EcoDetectives Investigate Solar Energy photo blog.  

01-06-20  What is Environmental Literacy? 

Guest: Rachel Holbert, President of RIEEA
The Campaign for Environmental Literacy defines environmental literacy (EL) as “a broad understanding of how people and societies relate to each other and to natural systems, and how they might do so sustainably.” This episode begins with a walk through a marsh and suggests strategies for expanding climate literacy inside the classroom, outdoors and across societal sectors. EcoDetective on the Marsh photo blog. 

12-02-19  Building Local Food Systems Through Community

Guests: Leigh Vincola, Manager at Farm Fresh Rhode Island, and Susan Murray, Market Manager and Farmer at Coastal Foodshed

How do local food systems support sustainability and preserve the environment?  The majority of produce sold in New England super markets is shipped all the way from California, and that requires a lot of fossil fuel for transport. The region has established a bold plan to produce 50 percent of its food by the year 2060. We will begin with a story walk through the largest indoor farmers market. EcoShopper at the Farmers Market photo blog.

11-04-19 Achieving the Vision of a Tobacco-Free Environment 

Guest: Bob Houghtaling, Director of the Eastern States Youth to Youth Conference   

How does tobacco use effect on our environment, our health, our society and our young people? While cigarette smoking has come down, vaping use has risen dramatically, with serious repercussions. We will begin with a story walk by the Harborside, collecting tobacco trash that provides clues that prompt further investigation. EcoDetective at the Harborside photo blog.

10-07-19   Voyaging into an Ocean of Plastic 

Guest: Captain Breezy Grenier, Founder, Eco-Elders and Scientists are Super Heroes   

How is plastic litter effecting ocean waters and marine life? Plastic bottles and bags, drinking straws, cigarette butts and microplastics get carried down storm drains or down rivers and out into the ocean. We will begin with a story walk through Scalloptown Park and along the shore of Goddard Memorial State Park. EcoDetective in Scalloptown Park photo blog. EcoPirate on the Cove photo blog. EcoDetective Solves the Cryptic Triptych photo blog.

09-02-19   Following in the Flow to Clean Up Our Waters 

Guest: Bonnie Combs, Marketing Director, Blackstone Heritage Corridor   

Clean water is one of our most important resources. It sustains our lives, our health, our economy and our natural environment. How did our rivers and oceans become so polluted with trash, chemicals and bacteria, and what are we doing about it? We will begin with a story walk back in time to consider the use of rivers during the Industrial Era. EcoDetectives on the River photo blog. EcoPirates on the Lookout for Litter photo blog. A Field Trip for Teachers photo blog.

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Story Walking Clubs

Story Walking Clubs


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