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What is the Story Walking Radio Hour mission?

The show's mission is to increase environmental awareness and share new ideas for living more sustainably. The Story Walking Radio Hour airs weekly and is organized into three segments. In the first segment, host Wendy Nadherny Fachon introduces the month's theme through the telling of nature-inspired story walks. In the second segment, Wendy interviews a guest who is an innovator in the field of environmental education. The third segment will provide time and space for reflection and for sharing additional resources.

Who can be a Guest on the show?

Do you have an enlightening environmental message to share, actionable ideas to articulate and educational resources to promote? Resources may include books, curriculum guides, videos, websites, blogs, presentations, workshops or conferences. Guests pay a nominal fee to be part of the show in return for Dreamvisions7Radio Network's national/international audience exposure.

What other benefits are included in the Guest package?

The episode will air eight times during the month following production - every Monday at 9am and 9pm EST. It is saved on the D7RN Host Archive page, iTunes and Womens Radio, where it becomes an ongoing resource. The Guest can share the show anytime, anywhere. Guests will also receive a copy of the Storywalker Fiddlestick's CD, along with a Storywalker teaching guide. Fiddlesticks is scripted as a children's radio show, featuring three nature-inspired stories that are accompanied by the music of Cathy Clasper-Torch.

What is a Guest's time commitment?

The Guest simply dials in to the station by phone, and Wendy guides the interview with predetermined questions. The interview is completed within a 14-minute segment. Please  contact Wendy to learn more or to book a guest spot.

How can businesses and organizations sponsor the show?

For just $200.00 a company or organization could be the "Sponsor for the Month" on the Story Walking Radio Hour. Wendy would announce “This episode is brought to you today by XYZ, and include your web address, contact number and a few lines of information at the beginning and ending of the show, which airs eight times throughout the month. This kind of cost effective exposure is extremely attractive, especially when one considers that a small Print Ad seen once is more than $200.00. 

Is there an opportunity to advertise during the show?

Yes, time will be set aside during the show segment for guests to promote their product or service and website. The Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network also offers special advertising audio commercial bundles and will work with your business to co-create and customize. Learn more.


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