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One Character, One Story, One Step at a Time

One Character

As a Storywalker, each young person is the main character of a unique life story. Placed into a challenging environment and tested with difficult situations, the character travels the path of life's ups and downs.

One Story

Each young person writes his or her own divine story by choosing how to react to each situation. Storywalkers learn to engage with Earth, with Spirit, and with one another - heart to heart - to overcome challenges and to co-create more meaningful life stories and a better world.

One Step at a Time

Stories unfold as characters step into each moment, mindfully observing, listening, feeling, reflecting, and then reacting. The Storywalking process is like turning the pages of a book to see what happens next. The outcomes of each choice educate and inform future choices. 

Wendy Fachon offers an on-the-job approach to professional development for educators through in-class modeling. She lends her expertise in expressive reading, storytelling, writing and mindful activities that incorporate Environmental Literacy and Emotional Literacy. She collaborates with formal teachers to assure compliance with Common Core needs, SEL requirements and Next Generation Science Standards. The collective objective is to empower young people to imagine their own meaningful life stories into being.

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