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    Storywalking Exploring Natural Pathways to Life Learning

    One Child

    Each child is the main character of a unique life story - placed into an environment, challenged with situations, and endowed with the abilities to persevere, overcome adversity, and discover a purposeful  life path through the process. This belief is at the core of the Storywalking process.

    One Story

    Each child writes his or her divine story by choosing how to react to situations. Wise choices include mindful words, thoughts, and deeds. And, by understanding the powers of purposeful intention, effort, collaboration, and faith, a child can make a real difference in his or her world. Storywalker Wendy Fachon teaches these skills by sharing brilliant stories and associated lessons.

    One Step at a Time

    A child's own story unfolds as he or she  steps into each moment, mindfully observing, listening, feeling, reflecting, and then reacting. The Storywalking process is like turning the pages of a book to see what happens next. The outcomes of each choice educate and inform future choices. Wendy helps children and parents explore these powers of mindfulness to create a magical story.

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